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Linux version

A topic by GameDL8 created Feb 25, 2017 Views: 267 Replies: 10
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self explanatory.

I'll try to do a Linux build. Someone else had reached out for that as well but since I don't have access to a Linux computer testing would be a little challenging. Stay tuned!

really happy to see how fast we got the linux build. Thanks a lot. Just bought it.

Grab one of these! Not sure how well it will handle PV8, but it runs Pico8 well.


It will be a some time before PV8 runs on that. I ordered one to test with and have a build that runs on the pi but under Win IOT. The limitation is Unity which is what I'm using to compile the Game Creator but the core SDK is running on MonoGame and I just need to find more time to port over all the Creator stuff. Mobile support is higher on the list TBH, I originally designed this to run on phones and tablets ;)

Linux version is available because I've just bought it :D

Yup, but the guy asked, I believe this post made the devs look our way, which good. I have two windows machines but linux is simply better for me. So, you earned a new user.

A quick question about the Linux version. Does anyone have any idea of the system requirements? I work primarily on an old netbook and it will not run the binary for some reason.

I'd have to look up what Unity on linux's system specs are. I've not done much for Linux. Did you just purchase a copy

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I bought a copy about an hour before I originally posted. I'm sure that Unity is the reason. I'm fairly certain that Unity requires a version of OpenGL not available for my card. I'll just have to wait until I build my desktop to use it, but this looks like a really awesome tool and I can't wait to give it a spin!

Ok, sorry about that. I plan on getting a better handle on the system requirements and putting them on the page so it's clearer before people buy :/