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Fraser Brumley

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A couple. I put it up a fair bit after I released the demake though so it didn't get a tonne of attention.

Pay me and I'll do it.

haha nah only the first little bit of the game.

Unreal 5

Yeah that's just the pick up for the stasis module. It won't be in your inventory but you can use it to slow things down with Q or the left face button on gamepad.

For the past half a year or so I've been releasing a new game every month and I just recently finished the first game for 2021.

It's called Falling Point Error and it's about falling into a big blackhole and glitching out.

You can check it out here:

You can also get it by subscribing to my Patreon where you'll get access to all my other game a month projects as well:

Anyway here's some screenshots

The music stopping was originally a bug but it just felt so perfect that I had to make it a feature.

Hey thanks for playing!

Description: Heist Game is short and simple. Steal everything you can from the bank before the time runs out. Currently runs on both Mac and PC.