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[WARNING: VULGAR LANGUAGE] I seem pretty harsh on the game here, but I really did enjoy it. I'd say make  the small enemies a bit more interesting to fight, and maybe make the attacks 'feel' a bit more. Otherwise, great game, and I'm definitely going to pick it up once it's released.

[Warning: Vulgar Language]

The game bullied me out of my man fantasies. :(

Holy damn this is amazing. Mixes two great games into one amazing drink.

Can't wait for the full release.

i sung. i sung the song. will you finally notice me, QualifiedBadger-chan?

Yoyo Jones ending when? Nobody likes a spinner hoe. Yoyo is loyal.

if theres not a yoyo jones ending i'll be mad.

Funny game though.

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[Warning: Vulgar Language] Really great game, full of potential.

Just because it was made for a game jam doesn't mean you can't keep going!

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Good game. Art style is beautiful, audio is on point, writing was great (a bit rushed in my opinion) and it was a very complete game. I recommend. I don't think my video does it justice lol.


My arm hurts, my game was bad, and I need a new job.


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It isn't a long game. Plus the fear of those things and their noises probably kept me going. Looking forward to your next game, this one was amazing!

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Honestly, this is one of the only games that I would legit rate 5 stars, 10/10, etc. Amazing.

(VULGAR LANGUAGE WARNING) Had a lot of fun with this!

When it says Not Responding, just wait for it to respond. $800 comp here.

Looking back on it, I probably just sucked at the game. Great game, I think I overreacted.



Very nice Visual Novel. Few typos, but otherwise really good!

Hilarious, with a spice of real challenge here. Great job, can't wait for the full version!

No, thank you for creating such an amazing game!

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Simply amazing.

(Possible Vulgar Language Warning.)

For some reason I can never vocalize how much I love games when I record them. But I swear to you this was an amazing arcade style game to play! Even if I wasn't good at it.