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really cool, I didn't expect to enjoy such a simple gimmick as much as I did, I would be interested in seeing similar ideas in other generas, like an rpg that gets it's menus randomized, to see if it translates as well for those.

more thoughts I've had as I can't stop thinking about this game, is that I think the narrative could be a really big part of an extended version too, the different paths are interesting, and I think can really add to the unsuredness of trying to 'divine the will of the gods' things happening like, maybe the answer from the gods gives a bad immediate effect, but changes things later that are much better, and could also lead to a path for players to choose of just trying to think of what would be the best option with common sense

I think the best thing I could say is just tell you what I loved about the game, I got really invested from the super immersive presentation, and also how simple 'reading' the runes is while talking more thought to really interpret, if you do make a longer game though, I feel like something to think about would be how, spending more time with the system of reading would let people get a lot more familiar with a lot of the, my favorite moment from the game was when they asked who should lead the night raid, I spent a lot of time looking over the board, until I looked at Fehu, and saw the 'sun' under it, and that really opened my eyes with how to look for things and what to look for and it's hard to tell if I would then get board or not if the game was a lot longer once I 'knew' what to do. 

I think the simplicity of the system is one of it's biggest charms but potentially it's downfall in a longer form

The game is so pretty, I can't quite figure out why, other than just, polygons, but this game feels like it came right out of the ps1, makes it feel nostalgic.