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Yep, I don't know when I'll have extra time to work on games again, though.

Sure, I actually hadn't even thought about it before. The executables have now been added to the game's downloads.

I haven't worked on it in a long time, but I would still like to revisit it sometime.

I synced the walking animation framerate to the character's movement speed on my own game, and I'm pretty happy with the effect. I'm sure you won't have much trouble figuring it out yourself if you decide to do it.

WASD+JKL is probably what I would use for my own game, if I had the option. I suppose there's something to be said for allowing people to customize the controls. I look forward to moving on from PICO-8 so I can avoid the control restrictions, among others.

Maybe eventually I'll add the option to customize the controls, it seems different people like many different set-ups. Personally, I hate when games have movement buttons on the right and action buttons on the left. Also, I am very limited by what controls are possible on PICO-8 HTML pages.

As this game is currently unfinished, I haven't posted the p8 file anywhere for download. I plan to share it once it is finished.

Pretty neat overall, I'm surprised you were able to do so much in a month. Having the cable tiles update once a frame is a pretty slick effect, I wish I thought of it. Different conversation responses depending on what form you're in is a nice touch.

1-2 was a slog to collect everything in, you have to do everything in a very specific order and if you mess anything up you have to start over again. Exacerbated by the blind fall or two you need to do in the level.

  • The walking animation would probably look better played at about double speed, Lexy looks like she's sliding.
  • The tail being straight down in the rising sprite and straight up in the falling sprite only makes sense if she were jumping straight up and down, maybe just have it lower and raise a bit instead.
  • Parallax is a bit wonky, seems to only affect horizontal movement and not vertical.
  • On keyboard the movement keys are on the right and the action keys on the left. I know PICO-8 pushes this but generally I think it's a bad setup.

Thanks for the feedback. I had meant to enter it in their jam, but I wasn't able to finish it in time. This actually took closer to two months to make.

Sorry about that! It seems I broke something with the first patch, it should work fine now.

The commonly adopted strategy is to hit an enemy, avoid them until their invincibility wears off, then hit them again. I could shorten the time of invincibility, but I worry that it would make the game too simple and easy.