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super fun and unique!

I had so much fun playing! the art and card mechanics is so unique to the type of games entered this jam. Final boss is so difficult but so much fun!

Great game! I specially like how smooth the UI animations and art is. The AI is super difficult but rewarding when I could finally beat it!

Glad you enjoyed the game! the jam was really fun and seeing other people's projects was great as well! I look forward to future jams!

Awesome game! the idea of the dark level which turn bright when projectile explodes is a great concept, would play a whole game with that as the main mechanic. Art is amazing as well!

you can reset your toxicity with Q button! You'll also lose your stats tho. Try to beat it as fast as u can!

Great game! looks and plays well, Audios are super funny too, awesome entry!

Awesome game! the UI animations look smooth and everthing plays well! I wish I could pause during game ,but idk maybe u have a reason why not add a pause.

Great style and amazing feel to the control of the character. Sounds effects are great as well!

Great art style and mechanics! the gameplay is really cool and the dash and slash animations are awesome! great submission

That ghost is so cute!

I was very impressed by the beginning which made my expectations high. It was such a let down how short it was. Maybe 5 more tasks would make the game more fun and other voice lines too would be fun.

That was spooky as hell! I found myself closing my eyes at the end waiting for the the jumpscare, very unexpected. I also got a score of 68, anyone else beat that?

I love all the little jokes of the game, great submission

Would be awesome to implement upgrades

Very nostalgic, great submission.

thanks to this I can live my fantasy of dating temoc, btw tobor got very cute eyes ;).

Great submission, Counting ghost must be the impossible challenge.  ghosts are invisible thats why you can't count them all.

great art style and music, very well done!

Game is very easy to learn but hard to master, great job!

Tilemap art is very nice, music sounds great too

Simple and nostalgic, very well done!

Turn Based Combat was unexpected, great job!

Makes sense why the boss became easier to defeat, I just skipped all the skeletons and went straight to the boss.

You could Implement a scoring system for the game and it will make it more competitive

Very Professional game! never expected a tutorial in it. Its kinda hard to get used to the controls but I can see this game going very far. Great submittion!

Great Game! hard to figure out the controls but overall unique in this game jam and very satisfying to play

Great Game I loved the Music, Art and the Final Boss battle was very cool!

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Yeah we struggled with attaching the theme at the end. the box can be thrown with the right mouse click and it destroys some walls

There is a hidden button that is revealed with the app, The Game is not finished.