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Wow this was really impressive, you completely captured the game feel of a classic warioware title!

Wow this was an absolutely incredible game.  I can see how much polish went into it, so I can understand why it wasn't able to be done in time for Ludum Dare, but it is outstanding on it's own.  The music reminded me of Night in the Woods, which is one of my all time favourite games, so great work there, and the characters were all quite interesting even with such a short time to interact with them all.  Amazing work!

A fun short game with great audio and graphics.  Really gets me in the mood to do some taxes!

I've been working on a concept but ended up starting late and have been trying to find time around work.  I can now see is way too big in scope to get done in time with all the other things going on.  Is it too late to switch gears onto another, more simple idea?  Anyone else in the same boat?  

If you want to play the game read this devlog for more info:

Thanks to everyone commenting on the issue, it was our first game jam, and also our first time using the Godot engine, so we weren't familiar with the export process.  I finally figured out the issue and will post an updated version and ask about our eligibility this late after the deadline...