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Briluc Entertainment

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Thank you for your comments, I will take it into consideration during the next build.  I do hope you enjoyed the game demo.


K....might have a few bugs....

What do you want to say ? I'm listening....

Let's Integrate.....

It needs to be smarter....any thoughts ?

Now what can we do ?

Want to make it look better ?

Programming Thoughts Anyone ?

thank you for your opinion RexTGun, in fact when I get home from work tonight I will actually upload an executable file of the same demo for those of you who experience lag in the web player

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Please play test my new PC game Autopocalypse. I have been developing this demo on my personal computer over the past couple summers and would love to hear your opinions.


This is my first public release of the game, which is still very much under development.  Please feel free to leave your comments and opinions as your input is valued and appreciated.  Above all else, enjoy !