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The download option isn't appearing for me for Step 4.

I'll definitely be following your development closely on itch io! Thanks for the response. Excellent demo 😊. 

I've never played a game quite like this one before, but I'm seriously, pleasantly surprised and super interested in seeing how the other "bachelors" will be implemented. I'm looking forward to the development of this game. Do you have a discord for it?

Hi. I'm really enjoying this game, but I have a question. What can you do in dev mode? Or how do you use it?

Kien was such a close second though.


This was such a cute, straightforward game. I really loved it.

I enjoyed the demo SO much that before I even finished it, I knew that I would be buying the  full version. :D I'm very excited.

How do you gain access to the cheat menu? And are they implemented? I've played this game about 3 times and would like to try it with a leg up.