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Your stories never miss!

cute and fun gameplay :) i always love the music in your games and this is no exception!

The gameplay was pretty simple but fun; it had battles and dialogue but no other interactions with the environment (understandable as a jam game). I liked the graphics of the MP attacks and the sprites during the cutscenes. It was pretty funny overall, and I need more cynical, wlw magical girls now. Good job!

cool combination of cute (the little families) and creepy (he sees you). creative concept :)

i love the graphics, especially the hand/cursor! great atmosphere :)

I love the music, sprites, and controls! Very well done, I was scared :)

I love this game! The dialogue is funny, I like the artstyle, and it seems pretty polished. Great job! (I lasted 19 days)

I'm really liking this game so far, but I can't figure out what to do with the router code and what command to use with routerconnect.exe. Really cool format!

short and sweet, lovely graphics :)

i love the idea and provided instructions, but i couldn't do things like pour the water precisely because most things i clicked gave me no response. great potential, though!

another lovely game from you two!! super cute and chill. i love it when games have both dialogue and minigames, which this does perfectly :)

i love everything about this demo! i love the graphics and music, the characters are so cute, and the dialogue is funny and relatable :)

(has the energy of "let's go lesbians, let's go")

Nice game! I was only able to get to the parachute and the two final keys. I couldn't figure out what to do with the final code and the morse code. Short, sweet, and logical.

lovely art and gameplay :)

I love the atmosphere and dialogue -- very cute! The fights seem a bit frequent, but maybe that's what you were going for. Nice game!

so cute :)

it reminds me so much of late 90s video games! very cute :)

so cute! love the victory music!

so beautiful and meaningful, and the first time i've cried about an game. thank you!!

beautiful artwork; i especially love the backgrounds and the detail put into the character designs! lovely story, too :)

Such a cute story! I love the creativity in solving the problems of a ~modern vampire~. One thing I noticed was that when you click on choices that take you directly to a website, there is no way to return to the game without restarting. Instead of directly linking to the website, maybe you could just write the links out so that readers can copy and paste it into their searchbars in a separate tab. Lovely game!

Amazing concept and artwork! This might be a bug: I couldn't do anything after coming to the shop after buying the 6500 memory and talking to the shopkeeper.

thank you for sharing your experience <3 i love your writing style

FINALLY won! this game was much more challenging than i anticipated, and very fun! love the graphics, too!

Amazing game with beautiful graphics and an impeccable soundtrack! I have to admit, the Orgon level was more challenging than expected but that only made it all the more fun! The art style was beautiful (the "thank you for playing" took my breath away). Overall great experience!

dude i love this so much!! i love the thought you put into the room layouts, and the dialogue is so cute :). the drawings actually help the pur(r)gatory vibe lol. i think this might be one of my favorite wips, it feels so nostalgic(???) and familiar and sweet :)

love the writing, the characterization was ~~immaculate. I feel like some stories are easier to imagine and become invested in and your writing definitely has that quality <33 also i want a flirty friend group to go on a road trip with :')

love the graphics and dialogue!

simple but fun!! finally got to 7, is that the end of the game?

so exciting!!! amazing work and dedication :)

this is a very enlightening game, it makes me wonder more about how to maintain a self-relationship balance and recognize signs of emotional manipulation

super theraputic!

cute message, lovely graphics :)

great work :DDD

so cute!

so cute!!!

great concept, could be improved easily with more in depth profiles that make it more of a deduction game rather than a guessing/luck game :)

understandable :( i hope they see this thread

I love this game so far! The only problem I encountered was that at a certain point the chickens kept getting stuck in their boxes and would move whenever I moved their box or be sold when I tried to sell the box. Otherwise very fun!

in america mm/dd/yy is the standard so i think the creator just didn't consider the other way