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great work :DDD

so cute!

so cute!!!

great concept, could be improved easily with more in depth profiles that make it more of a deduction game rather than a guessing/luck game :)

understandable :( i hope they see this thread

I love this game so far! The only problem I encountered was that at a certain point the chickens kept getting stuck in their boxes and would move whenever I moved their box or be sold when I tried to sell the box. Otherwise very fun!

in america mm/dd/yy is the standard so i think the creator just didn't consider the other way

This is one of the best pieces of writing I've ever read -- your writing makes everything so personal and emotional!!!


love the graphics!

this was so ... shockingly emotional. thank you.

I love the music! Did you make it yourself?

really creative! high score 239 :) took a little while to figure out the rules though

This is so funny!!! I love how awkward you can make it :))


managed to win without drinking on my first try!! but i had to go back and see what would happen if i did drink -- really cringey and realistic tbh

This game is so nice! I love the sprites and music :) but even when there was nothing left on my to do list it said I couldn't go to advisory yet. Maybe a glitch?

AMAZING ambiance, i wonder if you planned the architecture and structure of the city with an overview and then built all of the winding perspectives off of it? very well done and realistic city :)

amazing game -- really believable and lovable dialogue and beautiful graphics! are you thinking of adding different endings based on the relationship level?

Amazing job on the visuals! I think these are the nicest I've seen on bitsy!