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i got to 10000 coins which is a bit longer than usual

Really cute and fun little game!!! Fun Sort the Court references :)

this game is really well-made! resource-management type games aren't usually my thing but i enjoy this one because of the graphics and storyline; it doesn't necessarily feel like a bunch of confusing numbers. i liked the overall message of the game, too.

i wish there was some sort of score system, but that's only because i love this game and play it so often!! it would be cool to see if i'm lasting longer or something like that.

I lasted 14 days on my most recent playthrough, but I come back to this game rather often!!

it can't really be done because there are no half-notes, but this is until the first half-note:


cute, fun game!


I love this game! Polished and atmospheric interface aside, I really liked certain story details, especially the red riding hood reference -- it's so perfect for the Mandela catalogue, I can't believe I haven't seen it before. I loved the classic analog horror elements, but I also felt that the inclusion of a story of suffering added an emotional aspect to the game that I feel is so integral to a good horror game. It's also really rad to play this game before March 8th and be in waiting for an update; I'm not sure if this is simply a mechanic that changes with time but, if not, I'm really excited to see what comes next!

wow! this feedvid is even better than the first!!! the 3d modeling/live aspect really added a lot :)

I really like the free-typing aspect of the game! Everything is really well done, the only thing I found to be unfitting was the ending. Nice work!

I cry myself to sleep hoping that I've chosen the right guy! 10/10

what a fun, cute game!!!

i'm also a gemini who got pisces because i kept saying it depends!!!! maybe that's a gemini thing to do though.....

Once you fill up the love bar on the left, there's an ending cutscene and a screen that says "end", but you can keep playing afterwards if you want.

I'm so excited to play when I get the chance!!!

the graphics and animations are great!! really nice game :)

very cute and well polished as usual!! i love the sprites :)

I also tried this one but I think you need to utilize the octave higher function (space) (any key signature works with these notes)!! 

If it has (S) in front of it, hold down the space bar while playing the note!

E W (S)I

E W (S)I

E W (S)O (S)W (S)O (S)W (S)O (S)W (S)O (S)I

E W Q (S)R (S)I Q P W O W O W O I

For the second time repeat the first three lines but change the last line to:

E W Q (S)R (S)I Q P W O (S)O

If anyone else wants to add on more that could be fun :)

such a cute game!!! i love the music and artwork :)

very fun game! it reminds me of sudoku in the best way, but it's definitely a different type of challenge!!!

I didn't get the job!!!! :D

cute game!!

Fun, but hard! I think it may have glitched when I beat the third (upwards) stage, as the camera simply did not follow the sprite to the next screen.

Really cute game and characters! :)

Really cool game! I love the backstories and choices, it's such an interesting gameplay :)

Really cute game and concept :)

Really cute game -- I love the mood, and the blue palette really reminds me of snow and the cold!

really cute game! i love how the nonograms were really a part of the story and the character's powerups!

Really cool story!

I absolutely loved this game! It has such a cozy, gay vibe that is just everything I want in life. I loved the dialogue -- I miss hanging out with my friends who truly understand the joy of argumentative banter. The graphics are lovely, and the plot is so simple in a great way. The commentary and musings about capitalism and the like are so interesting, especially since they tell you more about the characters, too!

In the beginning I had a bit of trouble figuring out whose name was whose; nametags beside the icons or maybe highlighting names in the text with their respective speaking colors (purple for Tabby, orange for Nikita, etc.) could be helpful, but maybe you wanted the player to have to learn them in that way!

I was wondering if this is bitsy because, if so, I'm so curious as to how you did those graphics and included choices! I haven't seen either in many bitsy games.

I'm not sure if I understood the ending completely, but I enjoyed the game so much that I will most likely be replaying just to read the text more carefully and bask in the cozy feeling. Merry Snowmas! :)

I love this game! The designs of the environment and the characters are so cute, and I love the funny yet cynical dialogue and the amount of interactions there are with the environment. You've created a really cool universe and all of the tiny details about slave labor and catipalism are really interesting. One issue I noticed was that it simply did not register if more than 2 keys were being pressed at once, an issue I solved by pressing them very quickly in succession (perhaps this was intentional). Otherwise, no other problems, really cute game! :)

It took me a while to get the hang of it, but really cute game! I love the art style and I really liked the gender customization options!

I love this demo! It's great when a "dating sim" allows you to romance all of the characters (and when pronouns and names and such are allowed to be ambiguous). I also just love the ambiance and art style -- it's dark and saddening yet somehow comforting in a way? I think it really reflects the theme of the game overall, and the music definitely adds to that! I'm definitely looking forward to any updates you might have! :)

I love this game so far; the graphics are really nice and the gameplay is pretty fun! The only thing that's a bit confusing is the possession mechanic -- it doesn't always work when you come from the ceiling, does it only work when a guard is in a specific pose?

Love this game! Definitely takes longer than expected to beat. The soundtrack is so nice, too, and I love the little animations between attacks (graphics overall are lovely)! I also like that you included an additional mode, as well as new challenges within that mode! :)

Really cool game! I love the graphics, and the gameplay is a bit addicting itself :)

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I got ending [B] :) Really cute and fun game!!

Love the game so much so far -- really nice art and story! There is no way I am going to beat that battle though, and I forgot to save before, so maybe I'll try again another day lol