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A brilliant exploration of the concept of not locking your "Z" rotation!

Great game from one of my virtual classmates in the Unity 2D Development course on Udemy.  Very cool.  I might recommend lowering the volume slightly on the rapid falling ships to bring it in line with the rest of the audio.  If you are interested in adding a little more polish, consider adding a sci-fi music loop (hopefully not a super short one) and a separate win screen when you beat the boss.  Awesome work!

Thank you for responding.  Unfortunate as it was not to have ratings, I'm still grateful for the learning opportunity.  Thanks for hosting.

Thank you for your feedback!  I'm glad you enjoyed it.  If we continue working on the game, we will debug quite a bit.  Had a great time in my second game jam ever.

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Grid movement would certainly make the title a lot "snappier."  Thank you for the feedback, and I definitely agree.  Getting hung up on walls is the worst.  I would be honored to have you teach us how to implement grid movement efficiently.

Thanks Liam for putting on an awesome Jam.  It was my first, and I had a great time as xeratol's artist.

Thank you.  I was grateful for my first chance to be an artist during a game jam!  Had a wonderful time.