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I mean, if you want help writing quests and such.

Seeing as I have no hands on experience with game development, I want to write for this game.

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I'll save my money for the full game! :D I love how you're still updating this demo even though you're working on a full one too.

Also, you could make the landing animation at the start feel a little more natural. As of right now it feels too perfect for a human to make those maneuvers, even simply having one of the hands press a button to indicate some kind of landing assistance would do  wonders for it.

Just being honest :D I'll be back to throw a few dollars your way soon

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Okay, so this was way better than I thought it would be. The music is what really did it for me. The music, especially later on in the game, had me pumped to take down a rogue AI. I like the artstyle a lot too, it isn't over complicated and uses colors in a good attempt at establishing specific vibes. I think it was the one liners (of which I only noticed at the end of the game) that wrapped up the whole package though. I'd love to get my hands on a more polished and extended version of this. 7/10