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Brendan Tighe

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Thank you so much for your comment! You have no idea how glad I am you didn't experience any bugs. Progress has been slow, but this version of the game is now being considered the beta compared to the fleshed-out version in development now. College is sort of getting in the way but I am committed to launching the finished product here on itch and also on Steam! Sorry for the life-story dump lol, I'm thrilled you enjoyed Karisvale.

We're so glad you had fun with Karisvale. And you're spot on, Stardew valley has some great art that we used for this early build, but as Karisvale grows we plan on having 100% original content. Thank you for informing us about these bugs, we genuinely didn't know about them! We hope you'll play Karisvale again when the new update drops. We're hard at work to improve the entire gameplay experience.

Glad you liked it! Comments like these keep us motivated and we can't thank you enough.

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Karisvale is a narrative-driven 2D top-down mystery game where the player assumes a private investigator that is hired by the mayor of Karisvale to find a missing person. The more the PI interacts with the town, the more of the mystery behind Karisvale reveals itself.