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I'm now compelled to know more about the characters and the magical universe What Never Was is set in. I'm sure puzzles will be more complicated. If so, maybe an option for hints. Looking forward to the next chapter!

Really enjoyed my time with One Hand Clapping. I like platformers a lot and was nice to see a new take on the genre by the power of your vocal chords. 

If you take any feed back I'd suggest have different threshold options for people like me who lack the talent to sing and another option for those who can sing and be able to be more precise with notes. I also thought some of the puzzles went on a bit too long as it took a while to reach those notes. 

I am looking forward to a full release as it's a concept that I find compelling a lot with the aesthetic of the game. Thanks for sharing the concept demo and hope it reaches a release. 

Thanks for the reply, glad you liked it. 

You got good taste in games.

Really enjoyed my time with Nonsense at Nightfall. It's writing is quirky and I liked that it took about 30 mins to play. Some of it gave me a Link's Awakening vibe. Hope to see more in the future either be a sequel, longer game or an episodic one. 

M A Y B E    I T    W I L L    B E    A    N I G H T M A R E 

But seriously it was good fun.

Dive was visually pleasing to the eye.

A couple of puzzles towards the end were nice and tough but not unfair. It's quite a short game, can be beaten under 40 mins. 

Some hit detection feedback would be appreciated, When you die or just fall on spikes it resets the level with no SFX's and more background music would be a must but it's understandable if that would cost too more for a short game like this.

Over all I liked the mechanics but it's length and how it ended felt a bit abrupt like it was more of a prototype than a product. Though I would like to see some more set in the Dive world with more polish to it.