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So far the frame rate and performance was pretty solid.

Lacks  a lot of options such as to turn off the motion blurring. Maybe just me and my lighting set up but found some areas pretty hard to see and not enough lighting so I ended up using the "other world" mechanic a lot more. 

It had some decent puzzles reminds me of some point and click adventures but the clock was the most frustrating one. There isnt much to do in the house besides those 3 puzzles so the house lacked some interactivity. 

Interesting concept but needs some more work done, if it's still set in the 80's there needs to be more props that represent that era because that felt like an after thought and because of "nostalgia".

A couple of jump scares did get me because I am in fact a coward.

Cursed Soul 80's Wanabe Spooks
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We will saw to implement brightness options, if necessary more props, we wanted to offer an experience, in the future we will fill the house. Thanks for share the game and for this feedback ^^