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Sounds good, I’ll love to try again the game once it’s finished. Good luck.

I love the art style, the game is very fun and the idea fits nice with the limitation. Nice game ^^

Realy fun game seriously, the best I've seen so far. The visuals ave very good, the sound efects and music fits nice. Great job.

My best score is 20615 btw : D

Nice game, the visuals are very funny and music is in accordance. The main problem that I had is that when shooting, is very difficult to control the amounth of pop-ups that you fire. It would be nice if instead of shooting while you keep mouse button pressed, you only shoot one pop-up every time you press the mouse click. But if you want to keep that, maybe another good idea is refilling all the player ammo when you kill an enemy instead of refilling only pop-ups that hit the enemy.

Nice game, visuals are very good and gameplay is very fun. The only problem that I noticed is that when you restart the level, the player goes to the mid top of the screen even though the levels usually start a bit more to the left. Also the pushing animation feels a bit slow. Everything else is so good.

Very nice, only good things to say about this. But you shoul eat more cookies.

I realy liked this one. The idea is very nice and the gameplay is fun, the visuals are also good. Just to say something bad, the enemy tracking is very predictable, it makes the game very easy once you get it. Personally I would add other kinds of enemys or make a chance that the next enemy move is random, so you can't predict every enemy next move.

The game feels good. The player animation, and the cascade animation are good. Also the inventory system and helath bar. The main problem is that during day there is almost nothing to do, only waiting for barrels to fall, and night takes too long to come. The game is kind of booring. It would be nice if you add more mechanics during day or make it shorter.

Nice use of the limitation, the boat movement feels so smooth and natural. The visuals are also good, I like how the boat turns arround. But gameplay is too esay, I would love dificulty to increase over time. For example more logs falling down or something like that.

I relay liked the idea and how you implemented the limitation. I would like to see the project finished, as it seems fun to play. It would be nice if you could move the camera arround.

The project gives me an error when trying to run it: "There sould be a '8Bit_Data' foldet next to the executable". I tryed to create a folder with that name, but it didn't seem to work.

Muisc and sounds are good, I also liked the runes idea. The problem it that gameplay is only based on luck. It would be nice some skill based mechanic.