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Cool demo. I can see the potential for a really neat game here. I couldn't figure out how to get more coins, so I was always on the back foot there. Along with that, having no variation between different asteroids made the choice of where to settle not very meaningful. Maybe different asteroids have different resources you can gather, or something? It would also be nice to have more decisions on where buildings must go on an asteroid -- farms can't be next to reactors, &c &c

This was a very fun game. I wanted to try it out but was away from my computer and booted it up on my phone on a whim. I played through the whole game on my phone and it worked surprisingly well. Having my big thumbs in the way hampered the experience, but with a more readable design with that in mind, this would be a positively lovely mobile app

is the soundtrack online anywhere?

If you want to share your game idea, go ahead!

Title. Tags for projects that are part of an ARG, multi-media story, or that directly interact with the real world

cool stuff! seems pretty robust

When you get the blue seeds, they combo really well with the bow and arrow

one year later, and i'm still playing it in my spare time. phenomenal game!

great game


The game isn't recognizing input from my ps4 controller. Is there a way to fix this?

great music

This is, by far, my favorite game to come out of the jam!

Interesting, huh? Even though you know that there are serious problems with an experience, you keep coming back. Is that the mark of a good game, or just an addictive one?

Could you please post a no-commentary youtube video with the soundtrack? I'm a huge fan of your music but whenever I leave the tab, it ends up stopping >:(