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This is incredible so far! Sorry if I missed it: is there a roadmap or something accessible anywhere?  

Yeah that would be cool. We made a 3D version of Bomberman using openGL and C++ a while back. It was challenging but fun.

I've noticed the lag as well.

This is good to know.

Maybe a "seasons" system whereby stats are reset after a week or so for example. Or having your points gradually decrease by a certain amount everyday to encourage you to maintain your rank.

It seems it works when i use cellular data rather than WiFi. It might be my connection.. although it was working fine before :/

I haven't been able to access the log for a few days. Keep getting "Connection timed out". I'm not even sure if the matches I make are actually being made since I can't get to the logs at all lol.

Are you on PC or mobile?

Ha ha, really rolls off the tongue ;P

I thought about "creators". I like that it's kind of mysterious. Although I like "artist", I dont think it sounds formidable enough }:‑O

The bots are Gladiabots of course. But what would you consider your title to be as the one that designs their AI?

Master? Programmer? A gladiator yourself?

Post your thoughts :)


I thought I'd just mention this here. I am rarely able to get into any of the multi-player options when on Android recently (join, create or even logs). I assume it's because the servers are loaded. I get in much more easily when using the PC version though.

Just wanted to mention so you're aware :)

This could be a cool state to initiate if your bot's health is 0-25. If it is very weak, it turns into a deployed turret, haha.

Whatever the cause may be, I'm glad the game is gaining visibility.

Congratulations :)

Ah the reddit hug of death ':D