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Bread Studios (old)

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ok thx

no I mean like if you have three colors how do you switch to the third one?

Good Game but the Gaps are too big

How do I use another color other then just 2 for all

ok so no MK style games?

oh ok probably gonna miss the due date for the jam anyway btw

btw wouldn't the theme be a gateway to gore since that's literally in the definition?

uncontrollable desire to kill or thirst to kill/ for blood. Look up the definition for more. 

yes but is there going to be one then?

whats the theme?

yep lol

Thanks for the feedback


thanks for the feedback

how do you download?

Interesting concept fits theme perfectly


He only fixed the title a store page I think

cool retro feel

ok thanks

🎶 Rhythm Jam 🎶 community · Created a new topic Theme

This might be a stupid question but is the theme already announced or going to be announced when jam starts?


how do I shoot?

Amazing best AAA game to date

I broke the game just uploading so I dont miss

Game Works now if there's no option just click left,  normally the first choice is left arrow, while second one is right arrow.

Game works now.

Game Works now if you still want to play it. Thanks for the Feedback.

I have decided to cancel the game although you can see what it what have looked like


(1 edit)

Thanks for the feedback.

thanks for the feedback I'm trying to fix all errors now

I may have Forgotten to finish the submission and make a build I got to finish up somethings first before release sorry for the Inconvenience

ok I think its a problem with unity not itch thanks for the feedback

Yeah sorry  don't know what happened in the build I'm trying to fix now

ok  I'm working on a patch right now thanks for the feedback

I still dont understand the theme