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La verdad que sería complicado ahora mismo :(

Whatever you prefer :D

Thank you so much for playing! 🧡🐭

No secret ending, sorry! This was a very short development and ran out of time, but it sure would have been cool to have a good ending 🐭

So glad to hear you've enjoyed it! 🧡🐭

Es un juego pequeñito que hemos hecho en poco tiempo y desgraciadamente no planeamos invertir muchos más recursos del estudio en él. Gracias por tu interés! 🧡

We're so glad you've enjoyed it! Thank you so much for your support💖

Thank you for your kind words 🧡🧡

Gracias Maikel! 🧡 Harvest has been good for us this year 🐭


Thank you so much for playing 🧡


Muchas gracias por jugar con tanta pasión 🧡🔥

Thank you sm for your kind words 💖

Thank you for playing! ^w^)/🧡🧡


Muchas gracias por jugar! 🧡

Copypasting a previous message from our discord:
"We're still working on FKF, but we've had to stop posting updates on Hopefully we have news relatively soon, but the next public update will have significantly a lot of more new stuff ^w^)"

Thank you so much for your interest in FKF!

Thank you so much for playing it and for your kind words! 💚

Thank you for playing it! 💚

Thank you for playing! (And for noticing small details we put too much effort into 💚💚)

Oh no (it's a word in spanish too, just not THAT one)

Thank you for your kind words 💚

thank you! 😊❤

Hope it helps! Our teammate that uses aseprite told us they don't work there :(

Thank you! 💀💕

Thank you! Yes, you can use these and all the assets we release for free in the future in commercial projects. No need to credit us, but we'll be grateful if you do 💖

I don't know if our game fits the requirements (since it's a pay what you want game), but we would be delighted to be considered for this bundle, since we're currently looking for opportunities for more players to find the game and hopefully find funding :3