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I hope next time there will be better tools in place to make sure more games are rated more evenly.

This idea sounds fun. Im gonna try it out goin further with the project. Thank you for trying it :)

Some more mobility options could help a lot here I believe. The game itself is simple and solidly done. Could use a little more juice!

Her you go:

It's a wave based 3D Shmup Style game where you only have one resource to manage that acts both as health and ammo (and can also be used to boost, but the boost isnt very useful right now :D)

I am actually considering to go along with this project. Thank you for the kind words <3

Thank you for the kind feedback :) Actually wanted to redo the resource bar but couldnt find the time for it. It's the only visual art I havent done by myself^^

Hey. That sucks :( What OS are you running on? Only tried it on Windows 10 64bit.

For a lot of people Game Jams are a learning experience. Forbidding to watch tutorials would kill the spirit for a lot of peaople.

This was on a long list of ideas that unfortunatly didn't make it in.  Hope you still had fun :)

Made me giggle.

Would have given 4 start if it had sound :)

Great Art. Love the Music. It's quite insane, in a positive way.

It's really hard to figure out which units are yours and which aren't. I like the concept :)

I like it. Great game, not sure if it fits the theme though!

I had the same idea for a game and love how you approach it. It's super creative, I really love it!