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Thanks for the support! I definitely agree, it's hard to tell when you're losing life, let alone keep track from the top left. When we get the chance we'll rework that and get a new build up!

Hey, thanks for the feedback! I'd like to clarify some of your points so that I could maybe clear up some confusion or fix the bugs you've found!

1) You won and the game broke: What broke exactly? Did the game crash?

2) If you're playing on "Hard", then yes the boss can "shoot infinitely" as his attack timer is reduced. However despite this being a very difficult gameplay mechanic, it does not make the game impossible to beat on that difficulty. I have a gameplay video beating the Hard mode here:

3) I playtested a 4-5 times to recreate the issue where he idles below 10%, but was unable to do so. Is there anything else that you were doing during this time that may have been a cause of the issue? Are you able to recreate it after playing again?

There is a known bug that if you play, win, then play again - you will be unable to win. I'm sure it's due to a static variable that isn't reset between scene transition. Is this one of the bugs you were referencing?

Thanks for playing! xD It sounds like you managed to save all the goats!

Haha thanks for playing! I'm glad you found the Easter Egg mechanic ;)