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Having run some Ultraman inspired stuff during playtesting, I think I'd just keep it simple and use the Scale rules. Mundane is when you're a normal lil fella and then I'd just jump straight to giant for when you're a big ol' fella.

But... if you wanted to get spicy with it? I'd have everyone make one character with the normal rules, but then use the rules for creating a Kaiju to create their "Great Hero" form. Then I'd fight them with Kaiju. I like this approach because it leaves some fun options for military intervention so you can run asymmetrical combats that feature human reaction to giants fighting.

Hope this helps!

I believe there's a small subsection in the Mech section. They work based on the pilot's skills. For multiple pilots, everyone rolls. If the majority of the rolls succeed, the action is a success. It's a very "we're in this together" mechanic.

Thank you for the kind words!

Okay. The missing files are in the .zip now and the Spider's Snare issue was corrected. Thanks again!

Let me check the .zip to make sure everything's in there. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

Sorry for the confusion! Guts is a setting rule from Deadlands but it's a pretty easy one:

You add a new Skill to the game called Guts. Instead of making a Spirit check to oppose Fear, you make a Guts check. That's all it is. Hope that helps!

BPB Games would like to submit Savage Tokusatsu and its associated adventure: Shimmer Guardians