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Thank you very much my friend.

we have a few troubles about gameplay. I'm so glad you like it.
we are working on upgrades. Thanks a lot for your valuable comments.

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Colony Quest is a minimal strategy and resource management game.
Set up your colony with using the limited resources.
Protect the ship from dangerous space creatures and prepare for your next mission.
Think fast, make decisions and apply.
The destiny of the human race is on your shoulders!

Game Mechanics
Colony Quest is based on colonizing planets in a specific order and various difficulty levels.
In each episode the players make a landing different planet.
They build a base using a limited number of resources. Enemies attack at different speeds and powers over a defined route.
During this attack you must protect your spaceship and reach the number of colonist specified in the mission.

Desing Philosophy
The Colony Quest is created with a minimalist design flair for minimal game mechanics.
This concept has been supported by the compatibility of selected colors and low polygon 3D visuals.

it stands out. hope will succeed