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I considered it but Bitche told me she ain't a cheap girl.

Check the Oracle and the heating system.

That's unfortunate. Do you have the error message or a screenshot of the problem?

Hi. I don't really understand what doesn't work for you. Can you explain what kind of tablet you're using, what Inkubak download you're playing, and what happens when you're stuck in the game?

It's made for tablets as well :)

If you're using Android, it's best to download the .apk version.

If you're using Apple, I just added a keyboard in the web version so you can type type text when needed.

Hi. Do another failed password attempt and go back to the Oracle.

Given the number of browser protections nowadays, that is quite rare. But when that fails, you can disable autoplay in your settings.

The towel appears later in the game.

For the master password, query your oracle :)

Hi. You just need to click on the towel on the left side of the host's room.

Fortunately nobody owns the word "ink" ;)

Ep.3&4 are available for purchase here.

Hmmm, on what grounds?

I did much worse ^_^

With the power of the towel.

Glad you liked it!