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Sure, here you go, please let me know how you get on

excellent, glad you enjoyed it.

hey thanks for the kind words. Also thanks for the heads up. Seems like I need to do some house keeping on my range of games. Been busy on other projects and neglected these a bit. More community copies added.

Hi, thanks for the prompt. I just added a few more. Let me know how you get on please.

Thanks for playing. I'm so pleased you enjoyed it and took the time to let me know. Dungeon Keeper and Overlord are amazing so thanks for the comparison.

Hi everyone,

Just submitted Goblin Treasure Map to the Jam. Happy to give fellow Jammers free keys to it. Just send me a message and I will arrange one for you. Adam.

I completely agree that the game needs something tangible that represents the situation you are in. For me the wobbles, the tension of probing and prodding the blocks and having to stack them back on top made for a very enjoyable role-playing stimulus. Also having something delicate and precarious to look at was also an incredible source of inspiration and motivation to play. 

there are 54 blocks in Jenga so that would be 9 x d6. 

I like the sound of this. I thought it was going an evil dead route. Do they write the original necronomicon? Clatoo veratoo cough cough mutter.

14. Replace the tower with operation. Would be great for a surgeon hack of the Wretched. Complete the daily log while operating. Get a friend with ketchup just off screen if all goes wrong.

Ideas I have had:

1.  Build Lego, duplo, coins, dice, pebbles, sweets etc. tower somewhere that's in the way of your everyday life. Or somewhere the kids walk past everyday. It's bound to get knocked over but when?

2. I considered this one for 'Adrift'. In Adrift you are thirsty and dehydrated. Start the game with a glass of water.  Take a single small sip. Everytime you are asked to take from the tower put a coin in the glass. When it overflows your raft has sunk.

3. Bake 20 cookies/cupcakes or whatever but one of them has chilli in it. When you eat the chilli cupcake it's game over.

4. Bake a cake and put it in the oven.  Stop playing when your nerve breaks  and you go check it.

5. Complete your daily log while balancing a book on your head. Each time you add a block add a book to your head instead.

6. Put a coin on your elbow then catch it in the same hand. When told to add a block add a coin. Drop the coins the game is over.

7. If you are in the pub (after lockdown) flip beer mats. Add a beer mat when told to add a block.

8. Do your daily log next to something sleeping. If they wake up it's game over.

9. Do your daily log next a randomly set timer/alarm. If it goes off during your daily log the game is over.

10. Replace the tower with buckeroo.

11. Replace the tower with kaplunk.

12. Each time you are asked to pull from the tower place a Domino standing up. Build an elaborate trail around the house. When it gets knocked over (and it will!) The game is over. 

13. Plant a seed.  Each daily log you water the plant. When you first see it's shoot emerge it is game over. Good for a Martian/terraforming game.

Hi, I'm working on a few ideas.

Adrift, you are the lone survivor of a shipwreck and drifting at sea on a raft constantly circled by sharks.

Dead Drop. You are spy who has been caught. You are trying to make it through your interigation. Unfortunately they have all your encrypted reports you sent to mother Russia and are playing them back to you one by one.

Ransom note. Send daily instruction to the people you are blackmailing. Use a way of disguise your voice for your daily log.

Cascade. You work for a corporation that has been hacked and it's all your fault. Tower represents the files and systems of your employer been hacked. It's a race against time to save as much as you can, repel the hack and cover up your involvement. Cyberpunk setting.