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It launches when run in compatibility mode though. 

Hey I just purchased the program and it won't run for some reason. I'm on an RTX 3070, 12th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-12400   2.50 GHz, Windows 10, 16gb Ram. My video drivers are up to date. I got the download from Itch and just extracted the files to its own folder and it wont run is there a step I missed?

Do you have a battler sprite generator?

and if you could do default fishing integration I'd happily commission 20$ for this! 

I'm having a really hard time getting this to work in a 1080p resolution can you provide any help or a common event based on these dimensions? I'd happily purchase the plugin again for this!

I sent you a friend request via Discord

I'd be willing to commission like 20$ for default support for the Descriptions and for a tag to exclude a monster from the bestiary!

Hey, I'd be willing to drop like 20$ to get the option added to the options. my project is coming along faster than I thought and I think this would be a wonderful inclusion.

Can you make this plugin work with 1920x1080p? I'd be willing to commission this as well as provide me with a card template image so I can easily make my own?

Yea I've put

<BeastProfile: Hello World!\nNew Line!>

In the enemies' note tags

and I've put into the Info Window Lines As such

Line name



text = !!enemy.meta["BeastProfile"] ? enemy.meta["BeastProfile"].trim() : ""

Whatever works! I appreciate the reply!

Is it possible to get a note tag to exclude an enemy from the beastiary? Also I cant get the Fluff Description thing you posted to work it just says ERROR

Is it possible to get a version compatible with visual stella Option Core that has a UI option to change window skin? I'd be willing to pay like 20$ for this!