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Fun Little text game :) 

Sorry, the version available is quite old now, I don't think I added keyboard support in that old version.  The current, in development, version has all of the features on the page and will be available in a few months (though it will not be free) I updated the page to be ready for the final product. It should be function with multiple controllers though. Sorry for the confusion  :(

Really well done, love the aesthetic.  

Thanks you, and I do agree that I does need a but more juice to really confirm you hit someone. 

Hey so I figured out the problem and fixed it, thank you for letting me know that it wasn't working. It should be updated now :)

Thanks, I might work in it some more in the near future.  I just need to figure out where its gonna go

HEY! So you've found this weird game and now you wanna talk about it. Here is the place to do so. I am very new to this whole time so please go easy on me. I'll discuss anything about the game here from idea submissions to criticism of existing mechanics. 

Available on Super Fast, Super Balanced Gameplay for 2-4 Players

Controllers Only

Customizable Colors

This game is Crazy! It's got like 3 whole characters(kinda) a bunch maps and this really neat gravity mechanic that took me like way too long to figure out how to program, but was totally worth it because WOW look at those gifs.

Grab a friend, or 3 and just kill the hell out of each other. Every character is exactly the same, which sounds bad but really means it its SUPER balanced and very fair for everyone. Also, there's no single-player, that way there Isn't that one guy who just beats everyone because he owns the controllers, did I mention that yet? Controllers only. OH LAST THING, you can pick your color by changing the RGB values, which is a really minor thing but allows you to play around is another way to troll your friends by being 0,0,0 (the same color as the background) effectively making you the invisible ninja phantom destroying your friends from the shadows and disappearing into the darkness while they scream in anger as they all randomly explode.

I hope you have way too much fun playing, if you do please tell me that you did. Tweet at me @boxheadpixelart.