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really well done looks and sounds good and no bugs i could find the only one i did find though is that you can give one flier to multiple people if their standing next to each othe

yeah but i get a veriaty of jumps on the leafs which is weir


it's good but the jumping feels weird



Good game wish the thruster had a animation though

some weird hitboxes and gravity gets to strong but other wise it's goo

great game just wish there was a options menu where you could turn the screen shake and volume dow

in my opinion that depends on the limitation this jam is good for beginners but it could get overwhelming fast for me the sky mini jam was to overwhelming and i dropped out so it's mostly up to you

level 8 is skippable

there were only two colors at a time so it didn't  break the 1 bit rule 

in regards to reducing the alpha in the discord they also said that you could change all the colors stay the same which they do here

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some of the points didn't change the colors and please don't put the flags in the air otherwise pretty good.

It would have made since to say flip sides than to turn the corner It was hard to read the text and  the character moved way to fast (that is my own personal opinion) the creatures sometimes did not appear if you hold right and they killed me when I didn't even touch them but otherwise a nice game

It's doughnut .

just add extravaganza if you want it to be the dumbest name eve

:D (That's my old idea out of the  picture.)

thank you

nevermind sorry

and is gray allowed

Does the theme mean that the whole game have to be black and white or can I have a colored title screen? please help.