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Update: Sorry for not posting anything, I got a job the other and got busy. I haven't completely balanced my work, life and this project yet, but I am getting there.
I had trouble where to begin making my game, but I have an idea now. Will post when I can.

Life update: now that I got most of my stuff unpacked and sort of settle in. I can start full working on the game. I would like to remind that this is my first and at the moment I don't have a job, so I am looking for one while I make this game.

Game update: I have a rough summary for it, it is subject to change as the game being developed.


You got lucky surviving the apocalypses, humanity lost its power on this world. Now the apocalypse is over, it is up to you to decided on how to survive.

Would you wonder from place to place, surviving till the next day?

Or would you stay, build up a home and protect all the harms the post-apocalypse brings.

I will be working on the assist and as well some of the narrator dialogue.

That is all for now, any questions comments concerns?

Can I get a more in depth explanation of how the timeline function works? I read the documentation, it doesn't explain what I could do with it. I also notice some letters in certain places of the documentation that I think should have been a word, but only a single letter appeared.

First, I would to mention I moved into my new house, all that is left to do is to unpack everything and buy the necessary items I need for my home. 

Second, I have some ideas for the game; such as coming up with locations for spawn points at the start of the game. The idea of it is that the player would be randomly spawn in one of six locations. 

  1. Underground Bunker [uncommon]
  2. Cabin [common]
  3. Small Aircraft Hanger [common]
  4. Treehouse (not the ones for kids) [uncommon]
  5. Hidden Base made by some military/secret organization [Rare]
  6. Stolen U-haul/Moving Truck [uncommon]

In each of these locations, the player would have been taking shelter during the apocalypse for XX amounts of months. I am still not sure how many months, but it will be XX amount, then the game starts. Although I say randomly spawn, I mean randomly chosen between different rarities. The hidden base being the only rare one, while the cabin and hanger are the common ones.
If the player spawns at the underground bunker, the state of the surface could have been affected by the apocalypse. Ranging from totally safe to almost everything is dead on top. It is important that I note the potential affected won't be too large nor too ruined, since I want the player to be able to reclaim the land on top.

I am considering if I should one or two of these locations appear within the game as well, as other places the player can choose to live instead of the one they started with.

That is all for now, any questions comments concerns?

Why yes, of course it would have survival elements. I do plan to have the player randomly spawn in different locations, each of these locations are what they have been taking shelter in during the apocalypse. Each location will present different sets of difficulty, some more harsh than others. I will expand and talk about the locations more in another post.

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Hello, this will be my first game I will ever make, I hope it goes well. I will say it upfront, I have little to no experience with making a game. You know what they say, the best way to learn is to just dive right in. 

Now, about my game.

The name is, Homestead After the Apocalypse, I am not total sold on the name.

The basic idea of the game: What if the place you took shelter in during the apocalypse and stayed afterward into your new home. Make into someplace a human could live in. Make the post-apocalypse not so terrible to live in.

I do like the idea of it being sort of a life sim. My hope it will be a cozy game to play with some action sprinkled in. This may change as I continue to make the game. 

I know I want to make the game using pixel art.
More information about my game and progress later. I will note, I hate myself for starting this in the middle of the final days of me moving into a place. That will also affect progress. Will try to post as often as I can.

I am wondering if there is a PDF version of the documentation. One where I can download and look at where I can't have access to the internet.

That would be cool.