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Yes, but enemies in multiplayer games usually aren't rotation-invariant objects. They face you and you face them, which is a clear visual indicator. However, that the planets aren't visually distinguished is only really a problem for me because the planets also tend to lump together and move so irregularly and rapidly. This makes it very hard to detect the effects of your input.

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It's a mac binary, but the game is written in Common Lisp, and the source can be found here. I couldn't make it run on Windows however, because of dependency issues. Also, the binary doesn't run on Mac: it crashes on startup.

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There really should be a way to start a new round without having to quit and restart the game, especially since this is a game where you die very fast and the gameplay is "hectic". If I could e.g. just press space to start a new round, I'd probably get more into it and enjoy it more. 

The visibility mechanic is simple but effective, and makes good use of the theme. A nice thing would have been some audio effects, e.g. a gun sound or if the zombies made some noises that indicate when they are close to you.

The mouse controls are effective, but the ability to move around with the keyboard doesn't do very much for me, in particular since it's hard to judge your position because of the limited visibility. 

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There might be an interesting idea behind it, but it's very hard to tell for me because it's too confusing and I don't know how to play the game.

It's visually confusing because there is no frame of reference and the planet you are controlling is not visually distinguished from the other ones. Because of this visual confusion, it is also very hard to judge the effect of the keyboard controls, which had me doubt in the beginning whether the controls were actually working. This also made me motion sick, so that I had to stop playing.

Having a sky background and/or have your own planet be visually distinguished (maybe a glowing atmosphere) would maybe have helped the orientation.

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Thanks for trying out my "game". Yes, you are right, the connection to the theme is very unclear. That's because that connection was supposed to be in the gameplay (which I didn't get to implement). I ran out of time, and the best thing I could do was to polish the graphics to make it at least look like a game. And you are right, the collision detection and the  controls suck :) But that's another thing I had no time to fix.

You weren't actually supposed to control your character directly. Instead, it was supposed to be more like a mixture between a god game and text-adventure, where you choose actions for your autonomous character. A more detailed explanation is here.

P.S.: Did you experience some game crashes?

On windows:

  • No sound.
  • The "tutorial" on the first screen is useless, as the letter of the keys to which the functions are bound are invisible.
  • Cool visuals!
  • This could have been a really fun game, if it had some more things to do.

Is it intended that enemies spawn right where your ship is?