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Yeah i should of had regions theres just 1 server in london

Uh try now

Might be fixed now, :/

I think its fixed

Sorry about the wait to find another player I try to stay in queue most of the day

Sorry, turned out the server had a stroke, it should work now that I restarted it though.

If you want I can hop on the game so you can try it out just reach out to me on discord BountyWolf#9365

I tried to include the theme some in the form of different game rules, also what did you mean by different arenas, since this game also had differing arenas.

Thanks, I was planning on doing multiple servers to prevent that, but was worried that there wouldn't be enough players. So lag is gonna be encountered since only server is in the UK

Sure I plan to make it opensource once I fix the code a bit, rn its extremely messy

Totally slipped my mind to add a tutorial, and yeah lag is to be expected since servers are in the uk and the netcode isn't that great.

Thanks, I think we got the only multiplayer games so wo

Sry should of made more clear, also in corner of screen there is a disease timer and you prob ran out of time


Also I feel like this is slightly underplanned you might wanna push it back a week as I doubt your really gonna get any entrees

Is there a dsicord

Pure.js community · Created a new topic JS discord small discord server if you want to discuss anything JS related or need help with anything

it started 2 hours ago too :/


is there a discord?

it took me half an hour to beat, but I play bullet hells a lot

ye for sure idk what was bugging the camera I've used that same camera code in most my games and it always worked

uh you just had to press E