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Me, too. I'm on a mac though. But have tried Firefox and Chrome.

This might just be my really ancient machine but I can move but I can't jump or anything else so I get stuck very quickly. Thanks.

A bit late to the party. I really like the game but the controls are very tricky. particularly the jumping on enemy heads. I cannot manage to get the last ability. I finally got the bomb to blow up at the right time but then just died right away after that and I think my blood pressure has reached its max so I got most at least

Do you think you'll ever make a sequel (please at least optional same controls -- I'm on a keyboard the old fashion way)? I'm still awfully addicted to this and would love new set ups.

I am looking forward to more adventures. I'm on a mac and control plus arrows are shortcuts for some stuff on the mac if accidentally press them together...

thanks I'll try that. 

This might be a me problem since I don't see others mentioning this issue. The game is too big for my screen, like the aspect ratio (or whatever it's called) is off for me? I can't get the entire game screen to fit within my monitor.

What's wrong with arrow keys? It's a neat looking game but I'm so uncoordinated with my left hand.

Please keep making these!

I found the duck. I thought I was being so clever...

Thank you! BTW the music is awesome. Thanks for making this. I'm enjoying it

Or maybe if there was a checkpoint directly after the part where you have to jump between the two blades on top of each other? Because sometimes with luck I can make it through but then I'm instantly killed on the next part where you have to jump over two blades that are together. Then it gets frustrating because you have to wait to have good luck again with the first part. 

too hard. Can't get past the part where you get the speed up power up. I keep thinking I've figured out a strategy to jump between the two blades that are lined up with each other but then it doesn't work. Maybe I'll come back later...

Possibly the best game I've played in a very long time!

Can you please make a sequal?

I'm excited that on the first run through I only found 5 idols so I get to play it again to find the others. yay

I also (accidentally) managed to make this happen by throwing a container holding a snake near the wall. 


I'm just a middle-aged (that feels awful to write) woman who enjoys playing computer games to procrastinate. I'm not a serious gamer by any stretch but I definitely enjoy platform and room escape types games. My point is I'm really quite clueless about the gaming world and where to find good games and that sort of thing. I'm glad to have found this site for all my platforming desires but I haven't really found a good place to play quality room escape games. 

Are these games just dead because of flash being murdered? Or are they all only for mobile devices now? As I have said, I am old, so I prefer to play on my computer with a mouse. I also have a MacBook, not a PC, and in fact, it's a rather crappy, old mac because I'm in grad school and couldn't afford anything better so I prefer not to download games if I can avoid it since the computer struggles enough as it is. 

I used to use escapegames24 as a portal for these types of games but then they've been taken over by the mass-produced games that are really not interesting. I really miss the days of crimson room and mystery of time and space and Neutral etc. I did find a few on itch but it seems most require download and a PC. 

Anyway, sorry this is long and I'm so out of the loop (like an old fart!). I appreciate any suggestions and for everyone developing games on this site, thank you so much! 

I tried to throw a dart at a spider on a ledge and it ricocheted off and landed on me. Then the spider also landed on me.


I think I need to get away from this computer....

no. It just gets laggy and then nothing happens

So creative, fun and pleasing with just enough challenge. Thank you!

Not an easy game to play using a keyboard.

Sorry. It took me this long to climb back up.  I have no tried the original and I shall go check it out. Thanks

I really love your games and I'm always so sad that I can never play them anymore because I'm on an older mac. This one is no different. It keeps quitting unexpectedly the moment it opens. Why can't these be accessible on the web like the one one through unity or some other new player? 

I'm ashamed to admit it but now I've gotten to level 30 and my score has gone to 32750 to 0 and then back to 30000 again. I should probably look into rehab at this point.

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I'm addicted to this game. Did you ever end up making like a downloadable version? I play this enough I would pay for it. Would love to have a level counter somewhere so I could tell where I am. Also the score starts counting backwards at 32500

IOW I won't be able to play it? :*(

Can someone help me? I really want to play this. I look forward to these ones. Thanks!

I'm on a mac running OS 10.10 And even with itch I get the following error when trying to open it: "Where is 2020 quit unexpectedly."