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Thank you very much for playing it and I'm glad you enjoyed it, overall! 

Actually, the entire description of the starting room appears when you get the flashlight, and that includes the wardrobe ;)

Yes, I considered adding more paths and options but this was supposed to be a simple game from the beginning, since it was more like me testing the game engine for the first time.

Thank you a lot for the feedback!

A very good-looking visual novel, such a creative art style! The overall narrative is quite uneventful for my taste, but this might be due to the fact that I don't play visual novels very much. The writing needs a bit more attention since there's just too much repetition and clunky dialogue, but since it's a game jam game it's understandable. The escape room is great, and the adventure point and click mechanic overall is the best part. Great music and I hope you put out more stuff!

A very creative concept and nice execution. Despite the bugs, it's still a chilling and intriguing experience. If you guys intend to turn it into a full game, just be careful with the mechanic so it doesn't end up being repetitive. Great work! 

It's late at night and your home immersed in darkness - the power in the neighborhood is out because of a storm. You want to go to bed but you just noticed you can't find your glasses. You need them back. But where would they be?

Dive in this short adventure, and experience the horror of losing your glasses.


We are very glad you had a good experience, thank you so much for the feedback and the amazing video you did! <3

Family Dinner is a text adventure horror game, set in Japan, in 1951. 

A prominent family, whose members are being hunted by a mysterious kidnapper, sends you an invitation to dinner. However, when you arrive, you realize something is wrong there.

You can choose among 6 characters (two more will be added in the future) to explore the Hironaka Mansion, uncovering puzzles and documents that help you understand the story. Do you think you can survive that place?

Thank you so much for the gameplay! We definitely took notes to improve the full game for the players that don't have much experience with text adventures. It's also our first game, so we're still learning too. Regarding the notes in the game, you don't take them with you, instead you just use "look around", so we are going to add that info in the help section. Thank you again for your support!