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I loved the intro cinematic!  I think the game is solid - I really enjoyed how you slowly introduced new mechanics as the levels progressed.  My favorite was the navy blue wall-type with the stacked green baddies behind it!

something a lot of platformer games do is let you jump higher the longer you hold down the jump key - this gives the player a little bit of dynamic control-> tap to hop, hold to do a higher jump. 

My only other note is that when jumping between the tall Pink baddies (sometime in the 1800s I think), it would be nice to be able to see them better (and maybe make them wider).  it's sort of a leap of faith as implemented.

Thanks for making this game, it has a TON of character.


The sound adds a lot to this.  I really enjoyed running across the map and then turning around to see bits of the world slowly falling into place, I think you've captured something very relaxing & satisfying with that.

The moo made me laugh, was not expecting that.

I wish the player character had a bit more life to it (seems to be an oddly angled cube?),  but otherwise its a very zen little experience.

Thanks for sharing!


I love the deckbuildiness of it!  Also really dig the gradient waves in the upper part of the screen during gameplay.

I felt like the UI could use a touch of iconography to indicate what each number means, though anyone whose played one of these style games will pick it up reasonably quick.

I hope you expand on it!


ah this was so fun (and funny!) `Moths with Kalashnikovs` made me laugh. I played with a mouse on PC so I think the balance was not in my favor, BUT I really appreciated the graying out of the parts of the existing web that would shrink as your new web grew.  That was a smart touch.

Thanks for submitting this, its lots of fun.

Thought the bouncy pad was super neat!  Also liked that there was a second player with a different dodge animation after I died.  I ran from fleas for a while (used the bounce pad to jump right into their yard) before they finally overcame me, so I would have appreciated an easier way to get some space between the player and the baddies.

I played on WebGL - wouldn't have minded an `invert y` button or some sensitivity control over the mouse, but I know that's a pain to do.  

Thanks for making this!