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Born Frustrated

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Thank you jdogz! We are doing our best to find the way to expand this concept.

Thanks to you for playing our little game! We hope to bring you more this taste to play on your channel :)

Thanks Jay for playing our game =)

Hi Gecck, yes the loop can definitely be broken!
Join our discord to further discuss how to do it and to tell us any idea you may like to see in a future episode :)

Hey, thanks for playing our game! Please join us on discord for specific advices :)

Thank you so much! We are really happy that you liked the game, some news are coming soon on our social networks. ;)

Hi Nett18, thank you for the feedback! If you are stuck you can write us in our Discord server where we can help you. Hope you will enjoy next levels ;)

Thank you so much, something new is coming ;) stay tuned!

Hey pr3tzil,

thanks for sharing your experience :)

We are glad you liked it, and we are always curious about feelings and ideas that may come out playing the game! We are looking into ways to let the player feel a more seamless experience with the file manager, and some kind of integration would be useful in various ways.

This project has been created with a 0 budget, but if it get enough traction we may think about a kickstarter and release more complex scenes and puzzles (for example a chase scene you mentioned above ;) ).

Also, please share the game with your friends and spread the love!

Hi ProperEmergency,

thanks for playing the game and sharing your impressions!

We are currently exploring new ways of integrate and expand the mechanic with new elements and a less linear storytelling. If you wish to join the discussion about new features and ideas, we can talk about it on our Discord channel ;)

Hey Shienoful!

Thanks for making and sharing your gameplay video :)

If you still have some doubt about puzzles you can join us on our discord channel to ask for tips, and talk with us about your experience ;)

Hey Howcute!

thanks for playing our little game :)
Thanks for the feedback on the elevator puzzle, we are going to release a new version of it very soon!

Also, we are planning a new episode in the near future, spread the love with your friends, and if you have any suggestion share them with us in the form ;)

Hey Leone, thanks for the love! We are planning a new long-lasting episode, don't worry ;)

If you could help us telling your friend about File://Maniac, or sharing it on socials, that would help us a lot bringing to life a new episode!

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Thank you so much! We are thinking about a new episode harder, better, (not faster), stronger. If you have any feature, suggestion please fill the form up there ;)

Thank you so much for your support, we are really looking forward to make a new episode with so much more! 

We will keep you updatad!

Thanks for showing us your support Six99!

And don’t forget to leave your ideas in the “feature request” form ;)

"but once i figured out what was happening i was hooked!" - man, the look on your face will have been priceless!

Thank you very much for playing file://maniac. Please join us on our Discord server and help us to craft a better experience in the next episode of the series.

Born Frustrated Studio

Hello Valmonik, thank you for the kind words.

We are looking forward to develop more episodes with additional puzzles and a deeper flow, that's why are continually looking for opinions and feedbacks on our Discord server:

Spread the word and help us to bring to the next level the file:// series. Together! 

Born Frustrated Studio

Hey Shiki, thank you for playing and for your feedback. 

For any difficulty or necessity you can reach us and the game community on our Discord server:

If you have more feedbacks or ideas for create a better experience with file://maniac, please let us know trough the apposite goggle form:

Born Frustrated Studio

Awesome experience.
Good job on the level design and on the flow, can I suggest to make it more puzzle oriented?

It was cool to find objects and open with them new path, you could do a lot of interesting things mixing collecting objects with exporting the same space multiple times.

That's said, nice work. Can't wait to play the sequel.

Thank you so much. ;) We will keep you updated! 

Hi Paolo, thanks for playing File://Maniac and taking time to write this review ! :)
If you enjoyed as much as we did making it, please consider sharing it as much as you can to help us bring to life a new, longer, better, darker episode!

Thanks for playing it Josiah!

If you wish to help us make future episodes, please spread the voice and tell your friends to try it :)

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Hello there, fellow citizens of!
Today we release our last game, File://maniac a detective cyber-thriller where the player is encouraged to examine and alter the real game files.

File://maniac wants the player to focus on exploring what’s behind the scenes by destroying the screen barriers and understanding how to bypass the limits imposed by the game.


Enjoy this pixelated experience and share with us your thoughts.