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This is like a unusual and very atmospheric tower defense game. Building up an army of candles is quite satisfying.  It does need more interesting gameplay though.  It also gets very slow on my computer.

That's a pretty nice platformer, considering that you didn't have the full 48 hours.  

You captured a nicely atmospheric mood here! This has a lot of potential for being a good game.  As is, gameplay is kind of limited. Navigating the terrain is the biggest challenge. The narrow viewport seems frustrating rather than adding to the game. Maybe doing something creative with the headlight would be more interesting in terms of the theme.

Gameplay is simple, but the graphical style is very interesting!  I like your isometric engine.  Sometimes the player appears over a block rather than behind it though.  

Amazing game for 48 hours! Looks great and feels polished.  There are some original ideas here!Moving the robot using only the camera images was pretty frustrating, but it adds to the suspense.  

A nice dungeon crawler!  It would be good to have a more elaborate fighting mechanic, so you can see the effect of level, attack, and defense. For example, show monster level and hit points, and have a fight take multiple turns. This could be a nicely fast-paced game if it wasn't for the slow scrolling.

Is OK for a 1-hour game, but it could be balanced better. As is, too few enemies appear to make the game exciting. Do you also participate in the 1-hour game jam?

Interesting idea, but I'm not sure it really works as a gameplay mechanic. The implementation seems solid though.

The game is seriously flawed by bugs, but at least it's an original concept and it looks promising! I really wonder what the good v bad sound is supposed to be like.  As is, it sounds very garbled.

Well done on a great looking game! Platform action is also pretty solid. I think it's worth doing some polishing as regards the enemies though.  The left mouse attack seems unresponsive, and it's not clear when you hit the enemies. Sometimes the enemies seem to die spontaneously, at other times they seem impervious to your attack.  The dash didn't seem to do anything, is it supposed to kill enemies? I do get sound effects, they are a bit minimal though :-)

Nice looking and atmospheric game!  In terms of gameplay mechanics it's a bit limited, as all I could think of was either move around in the dark and hope I run into food, or turn on the light and  hope no shark comes.  

Very original theme!  It is strangely satifying to shave the hairs off, maybe that's because I like the sound it makes :-)

Cute game! The graphics work well.  I like procedural levels, but I think these are a bit too simplistic.  At least they seemed to be zig-zag designs only, which are easy to navigate.

Great game! Polished feel overall and visually interesting.