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Bored Soul

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Now,you think of an 8 Note game as a shitty go around,collect notes and get rekt game.This game has more to it than that.

Maybe Chapter 1 is a bit shit but it's easy and Chapter 2 and 3 is good.

You play as an 18 year old boy who finds an ancient weapon which has the power to kill demons including Slenderman

The game is a Horror RPG and is fantastic!I've worked really hard on it and made sure it is long,challenging and entertaining.

It's recommended you get the good and bad ending.The bad ending isn't like most bad endings.It's different and also interesting.Just like the good ending.To get the Good Ending you need to win the fight against Slenderman and to get the bad ending you need to loose the battle against Slenderman.


If you love Horror and want to support somebody who struggles to get attention,go here!

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Your welcome!

And if you want,you can maybe check out one of my RPG Maker Games!

Also,clever name.

Soulstice community · Created a new topic Pretty Good Game

Since I can't comment I'm just saying here that this is a good game.