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hi retrobrews.

First off thanks for asking.

Secondly of course you may. As long as it is not being sold, or profit being created from them in anyway for yourself or site, I am more than happy for them do get extra advertisement. 

Regards jason

As the Jam has finished, I still developed it further, so please see my latest submission on

Vast improvements on speed and fill logic/completion

dev here - published another version after gamejam complete as was never happy with fill routine.  better fill and end of game detection.

briliant.  very sleak code. I was expecting more code than that!  very impressed.

dev here - another small update - improvements to the gfx and layout. 

Dev here - I agree it is too slow - really needs a bit of machine code for the fill routine, but this is a speccy jam game release where only Basic is allowed so have to suffer the slowness i am afraid.   I have added a little code to try to fast fill from the top when a full line is a complete colour just to increase the speed a bit (not perfect but does the job)

What to do - choose a colour and flood fill from top left.  Fill will continue right until it hits a colour that is different from the one currently filling over or itself.  If it hits its same colour, it will continue.  Breaking into a new line is only achievable by choosing the colour in the left column.   Try to determine which colour will give you either a new line or the largest flood fill to try to complete the whole board in one colour in the least amount of moves.

Thanks for the positive feedback so far.

Great idea implemented well.  Could do with a little expansion to safe the repetitiveness of events.  Is there an end to it I wonder - got as far as some ruins so far!

nice breakout attempt using just attributes.  Feel the angles of the ball need a little tweaking when hitting the ball on the edge of the bat but otherwise a fun little game.

Brilliant presentation.  Fluid game.  I like it.