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Run Forrest Run took me back to the DOS days. Controls very well and the aesthetic is top notch. Fun!

Enviro-Bear 2000 but with Tom Hanks, There’s a Snake in my Bot is challenging, wacky and fun. This game reminds me why I play indie games. Very soulful and has a unique art style.

Super Hanks RPG was my favorite entry of the jam. It felt like I was playing Undertale but with Tom Hanks. Humorous dialogue, awesome art, fun gameplay and a great story. This game fired on all cylinders for me.

Castaway Coconuts was a ton of fun to play. I probably played this more times than any other game in the jam. Getting shot at is very unforgiving, but for me, I really liked jumping back into it and trying again. Great graphics and creative story. 

Wow. Time Hanks is such a great puzzle game. I enjoyed the story and stayed for the graphics and gameplay. The art style simply puts every other submission to shame. The UI works very well and makes the game a pleasure to play. An incredibly polished and creative entry, this is the real deal.

Cloud Atlas: Shift has one of the coolest and most unique game mechanics I have ever seen. Very creative and inspiring. This game is seriously impressive and would be a great standalone title.