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Thx!  Keep up the great work!

Hi, sorry to bother, but in the Franny Solo pdf, page 36 is weirdly corrupted?  The bottom half looks glitchy for whatever reason.  Sorry, I hope this isn't too difficult to fix, thanks.

(also, page 8 is super small, tho I wasn't sure if that was just because of the original file size or was another technical issue)

for some reason the purchase button isn't showing up on this page?

will do!

re new new download: oh, no, that was me renaming the file as I downloaded it because I already had the older higher-file-size pdf in that specific subfolder.  Anyway, thank you for the fix!  I've been a fan since I first bought it ages ago.

Here's a few sfw snapshots.  Oddly enough, it's the comic pages that are fuzzy, not the interstitial pin-up images and bookends and whatnot.  Also, the file is much smaller than the earlier versions (49 mb vs 359 mb).

I'm not sure if this is really the right place to say this, but I thought I should let u know that the most recent update to the old Franny Fever pdf is all fuzzy and low-res.  I would've said something earlier in the month when the notification popped up in my feed, but I couldn't figure out the right place to make the comment.  Just wanted to give a heads up in case you needed to fix it.

I keep seeing this one artist's listings for gross sh*tacon content in the Comics and Everything Else categories.  I'm positive I've blocked them, but I can still see their works in those categories.  I've reported stuff like this before, but the individual users and projects still seemed to stick around.  Is there any way to fully report creators?  I don't want to see that kind of thing on this platform ever again.