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i like it

This game is wonderful!

I really want a more in-depth version with more stuff in it, The randomly generated levels and the unknown pickups make this feel like a simple-space-themed binding of issac, and the clarity of enemies and how they work and act is so well implemented and understandable.

This is super addictive and I really want to see more out of this game!

Also known as the Triple S:

Shared Seizure Simulator

It says in the rules it's fine to make a pre-game menu. making a pause menu should probably be fine as long as it doesn't allow more feedback / info of the game state. Making it a part of the game is probably against the concept / rules.

As long as the ambient music does not switch to indicate something you can't understand, it should be fine.

For example: a blind brick breaker game (idk) can use background music, and if the game has flashes to display if a break was broken, i think you can add an audio queue to symbolize that only.

Hope that helps.

i'm making my game on Android, and I couldn't make an end screen like the rest of the game, So I just made it like a normal win screen with a notification, Since after the game It's fine.

Can we have fading colors? like green that fades slowly to light green as Idle animation, not as a mechanic.