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Just lettin ya know, your discord link isn't working

Edit: nevermind, only this link isn't working, the rest on the page seem to work fine.

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Some bugs/glitches/oversights I've found:

If you touch the lava after switching, the level doesn't end. On reentering the character, if they are still in lava, the level ends.

If you jump into and hold against the other character, you can surf them

You can switch character and fire arrows during the level end and game over screens. The wall also continues to move, until it reaches your character

If you jump against a wall or door, you can keep some height, and surf along it for a bit.

You can stand in windows, which would let you skip activating the button in the first lava room, if you could jump off the platform with the bow (wall surfing doesn't give enough height).

You can press buttons repeatedly, which causes an earthquake

Players can stand on opposite colored buttons and still clear the level

You can right click the buttons on the game over screen. I have accidentally exited to main menu too many times because of this

Edit for additional:

If a character picks up a bow while in the transition animation, it appears in the other character's hands

Characters can hit buttons while not active

You don't have to look at buttons to press them

some boxes clip through some walls

you can also prop climb into a corner and flick upwards while jumping to get out the ceiling

It does not

current wr is 55.31 seconds for inbounds, 37.52 for out of bounds. Check out for the runs and records

uninstall reinstall

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Some sadists speedrun getting all the boxes to the end.

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find an unintentional bug :)

Downloading the game should cause it to work a bit better

it requires unintended glitches. Get out there and start trying things

I've been speedrunning taking all the boxes to the end, def one of the hardest things to do  fast in this game. is the page if ya want to check it out