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Got really excited when I lined up my chair to the bike and my hands to the harley handlebars. But then was disappointed when I could not squeeze my hands nor twitch to throttle. I was unable to steer easily, tried many forms of "leaning". When I got stuck, could not reverse, not get out. The sound effect was so-so. Not so sure overall how fun doing the small laps would have been. Clearly this is the best looking, visually, and I saved it for last. You a great job, I enjoyed tested it (we played/reviewed it live at just fyi)

Love drawing the cool looking gun from the holster. Like the way the doors worked. Liked that the grenades were antimatter and not frag. The enemies seems to always be at the same height, the challenge was more trying to be able to use the controls to dodge more than actually fight them. Rated well, played live at

I have played The Climb before and enjoyed, so was excited for this. I was not able to figure out how to climb your mountain, unfortunately. I was able to place a flag, throw the grapple a fair distance. The grapple was a lot of fun to swing and toss. I did not completely understand all the tutorial signs, especially the one with the guy waving his arms in a circle. The skybox seems a little too lores, and the sun effect was baked in the texture instead of a nice juicy god ray. This really looked fun, wish I knew how to play, I did rate it well. Just fyi, we reviewed/played your jam live at

So kewl! I played Mary had a Little Lamb and Star Wars :P For extra bonus, would have liked
1) The mallets to have been more colorful/textured
2) A fun particle effect when hit a key
3) Actual music to read and play in scene!
Just fyi, and sorry for the sp#m, but in case you wanted to know, we are reviewing/playing this live at

Space Pirate Trainer is one of my favorite VR games, and I love your take on it. I had no friends nearby to actually play, and only had 1 xbox controller, not 2, that did not seem to select, aim, nor fire cannons. However I still rated the fun 5 stars because I love sword and shield VR and I love the idea of your multiplayer adaptation and I bet its a total blast. NICE JOB, look forward to more! PS: We are reviewing this game live right now at :P

Not only did we enter the Top Brady VR QB Challenge, we also played all the jams and reviewed them, and here is the video!

get some understanding feedback, have your game played live on stream, make moar friends :) we do not care the condition: buggy, broken, unfinished, or a polished gem, it would be our honor.

an example from ludum dare 37:

great job sticking with it, hope to meet you

could totally see the action getting intense when playing 2 players locally. need to try it with a bruh to see how well tuned

Yes! The game that started it all!