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Love the style. Built a little game with it. :)

Thank you, I appreciate it. Unfortunately I'm busy with another project right now, but will work on keyboard support when I have time again.

I love your artwork! Are you planning any more heroes, or what else are you planning in the "Dark" series?

Glad you like it. Depends, the tileset is from "runninblood", you can find it here on The characters are from me and partly from an artist.

Thank you, I appreciate it :)

Hi Runninblood, I released a game with this great tileset, just check my profile. Not sure how to contact you otherwise :)

Keep up the good work.

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Hi Krishna, I just released a game with your weapon assets, just look at my profile page. I'am not sure how to contact you otherwise :) Keep up the good work.

A Demo is now available!

Hello all,

I have just published my game "Esoria". Feel free to have a look.

With influences from the Soulsborne genre and classic sidescroller games, 'Esoria' is not a simple ARPG. It will require patience, tactics and precise planning on your journey. Many of the modern quality-of-life elements are missing, and you're encouraged to explore everything carefully. Talk to NPCs and hear what they have to say. Look at every corner to progress further.

+1 i'm planning a new project based on your awesome tileset. I would welcome an extension :)

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and because of you it looks amazing :)

the background is just a picture

i am currently working on a small private project with this great tileset