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This game was so much fun! I recommend you keep it going, maybe add some more levels or even better, a level editor. :)

Very fun, Great job! :D

You should make some new worlds/levels! this game was so much fun!

Jk lol


If I was to buy this game in the bundle, would I have access to future updates and/or a Mac file if it comes to

This game is great! Nice job, I can't  wait to see future updates. I recommend more maps, and maybe some vehicles/mechs. Stuff like that, some sci-fi additions would be pretty cool. :)

I learned that pedestrians better watch out if i'm driving! XD

Love the art, music, particles, and game-play! I would probably add a arrow or something to show which way to go. (I was definitely not completely lost or anything.... heh.... heh...). Fun game! :)

This game is by FAR one of my favorite games on So well done and fun to play! The enemies are very creative, I recommend you take this game further! :D


The game is super creative! (I see you are experimenting with the same type of physics in ninja rock school ;) ) I love the art style and game-play mechanics thoroughly fun to play! Amazing job! :D

12 seconds! high score is 18! :)

If you want to see, my game has been updated and has sound, better lighting and a few other small updates. ;)

No problem! my game has sound now, lighting improvements and a few other small things if you want to see them! :D

oof! Ok i'm gonna try to release a update... This game had awesome music.

No problem! I'm trying to learn UE4 haven't made any games in it yet. I've been using the blender game engine.

Fun concept! my time was 200.877s if you have a learderboard ;)

Thanks! Yeah the aiming was something I had a little trouble with. If you continue to look up and down (as far as the game allows you too) it SHOULD reset your aiming, it's kinda iffy... 

Did you have any sound? I have heard that the game is silent for some people. 

Cool Game! I got 1880 for my high score. Maybe you could add power-ups,  enemies that will shoot at you, or even different ships. Just a few suggestions, I don't know if your still updating it. Great job! :)

I have no program capable of running this :P

Thanks! :)

is it anywhere else besides steam?

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This looks and sounds really cool! but i'm on a mac. I understand it can take a while to build for a different platform but if your up to making an apple version,  just let me know! :D

this game is super awesome! would you consider updating it? new maps and weapons would be cool!

Where did you learn to make all of this awesome stuff? I can't really find a good resource for learning unity...

Noice!! This game is super goofy and fun, Great job! :D

This game is awesome! It reminds me a little of (Another game on 

Can't wait!! :D

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Dude... why... : / This game looks great!

I'm not on discord, it's ok though. : /

This map is amazing, great work! I cant wait to see future updates! :D

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I recommend making the camera a fixed camera. So it will not sway around when you turn or crash, it makes it kinda hard to see. Also the Z key is a glitch factory on my computer. It makes all the cars move to the exact same spot, therefor causing a ton of lag. I sometimes need to force quit the game to get it to stop. You might also want to increase the visibility, things are a bit blurry when they are far away.

Other than those things it is a pretty awesome game! The physics are amazing and the crashes are great! Hope to see future updates!   (New maps and cars would be really awesome!)            :)

Noice!! If you have something in mind I could try to model it, I can't say I'm as good as you though lol.

Thank you!


This game is awesome!! Very creative! :D


Very unique! I have never played a game with this type of control setup, it was confusing at first, but fun once I figured it out. Great job! :D

No problem. ;)  I joined your game jam, are there any parameters? Or a theme?