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scripts included reference Steam Version X.XX, you just need to change the version to match the Steam SDK version you're using.

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Hi, sorry the delay in reply I got the notification on mobile and completely forgot to message on PC.

So for example if you look at the SteamUErGlobalStats.h file, you can see the #include points to steamworks/steamv###(a lot of other files have the same line too), i had to change the numbers to the current version of steamworks I was using for the code to compile. If you need any more info on how I set it up feel free to pop me a message or reply here.

SteamUEr community · Created a new topic Amazing plugin

Been going crazy the past month trying to figure out the unreal online subsystem with steam and couldn't get it working. This does everything I need for interacting with steam, would recommend you support the dev.
Some info that might be useful to others that I had problems with:
- I used the plugin version for 4.23 while on engine 4.25 and it still works, I had to change the steamworks version in code to match what I was using but was good after that.
- When using leaderboards they need to be set something like this I think, basically it goes Check connections to steam > init the leaderboard > check leaderboard is ready to return > request the leaderboard > wait for steam to have data ready > get leaderboard entries.