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Hiya does this make executables? Sorry if I posted this in the wrong section but I couldnt find out how to ask this anywhere you see somehow.. ? Thank you

ehm not sure about this one it does work in my browser but its scanned from quite a small bible.

Hi tested it now its fixed now, is it possible to get an index on this btw? 

Hiya ill check this later if it works! but please remind me if I have not XD

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hiya it doesnt seem to run after I installed it for some reason, there is just that window opening and picture of a panda but its not starting it for some reason

Hi does this work with the new godot version?

Hiya I really liked this but there should maybe be a reset view button, I pressed something and I was too zoomed in without the ability to get back to seeing the bible. 

I mean like what kind of variety.. Is there like town, forests castles.. Variety thats all I was asking .. 
Meaning is there enough to do a full world using it thats all I was asking. Strange that itch io notifications doesnt really notify all the time XD they hang around way in the background.

So do I use the plugin in the demo project and how do I put them in the plugin window in rpg maker mz or mv? 
I was excited to test this but no banana when I put the plugin there.. Im sure I had put the demo plugin too btw so can you please explain further for me thank you!

Hiya I put this plugin in my mz project to test it but it claims I need a core something thing where can I get that?

hiya noticed you had one thing in the ukraine bundle but it had gotten deleted.. ehm im just wondering what it was and why it got deleted? 

This looks awesome, when is the winter pack added to this bundle btw? the winterpack is awesome too obviously.

Hiya how big is this pack I mean what kind of variety is there in the tilesets?

Ehm make this as a standalone please instead of needing Steam.. I bougth this app on steam but I would like to have it as a standalone.

hmm it reminds me of some pixelartist here on itch, he had made like an asset pack, neat and small right but it was so close to supermario i never bought it since xD it was obvious where that inspiration was from and even though supermario is so long ago it was so from there ... 
Thank you for your kind words by the way. You are a nice person.

Eeheheh the only thing im wondering is, how did you get past the copyright .. isnt Elmo like protected?

You speak like this to everyone ? Not very nice or respectful. At least I have not relied on the new 8bit pack to get free attention .. I would have made a much longer story but I was under hard time limit pressure to do anything at all. I suggest you take your computer to a very stressful environment and see what you get done in 1.5 days. I succesfully edited rtp and made own music in this short time proving I do not burst under severe stress but people like you should be ashamed to speak like this to anyone. Im actually proud what I did accomplish in such a short time and rpgmaker wont be in my use much after this since better makers are coming out soon so pointless to learn it soon as its community will not be big soon any longer.

Hiya is this only for sideways view not topdown? Thanks


I have tried yes but XD I dont get the focus for it at home..

Hiya! Thank you for the feedback! 

Hiya thank you! Yeah its quite a nice filter! I like it somewhat too! Did you notice I made it darker using  rpgmakers own eventing system btw? 
Anyway im still quite the rpgengine noob since Ive mostly stared at the engine since its one of those not easy at all anyway engines XD but still wanted to join this jam and the naming obviously is a flop since im a kind of itch noob too. Thank you for the feedback!

Hiya thanks for trying it out, Yes I do admit it is short, would I be more experienced in the rpgmaker engines (ive mostly just stared at them in silent horror due to problems with tilesets) it would have been longer.  Thanks for the feedback mate! 

Thank you for this .. YOU KNOW what haha I wish I had known about this I had saved some money on buying other pixelart software, I do like this your pixelart software for some reason, I think the top1 reason is its less distraction from other stuff while using this.

The only way to learn is just to submit. It gets better after.  

Looks fab but I cant stand horror otherwise Id download this and give it a go .. 

ive had it a year but never noticed about that before

I do love the tool btw its fun to use.

I dont really understand when i use that its not giving me an option to save in png 

Hiya I did buy this a year ago but realized now only that it doesnt export to png or jpg sadly.. Can this be implemented in a miniupdate perhaps? its a neat program but it would be nice if it could export to png 

Darn XD I was getting hyped up about it, thanks for your reply!

Hiya the gif image on this page is that showcasing one of your plugins btw_?? it looks very interesting almost a bit like mv-mz3d plugin but is that a plugin of yours that you sell too???

I used to only jam with guitar and ukulele but now I want to jam on itch too! Yes Im also a jam noob and I am not ashamed to not be as skillful as many others when it comes to the rpgmakers but its fun to join jams wont be my last!

but how do I do it?