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Hi what size are these tiles, I wonder if they can be used in Rpg Maker MZ? 

I think this is a very decent game. Its my opinion still but it counts.

Hi I just tried this but I noticed straight away that it doesnt exit the software when I pressed exit.

Oh right.. I never use any browser tools, like ever xD prefer to have them on computer really. I have not used your vn maker yet but it looks awesome!

Its amazing as desktop or laptop for sure! its very very good! Looks so light and nice!

This is amazing thanks!  I did not even realize its out already haha I was waiting for Steam launch but then again I am too new to itch io anyway to know this or to html things.. 

Hi this is awesome I am probably going to buy your bundle next week but I am just learning it now as we speak.

HI what is this made in? Looks quite cool!

I like it and my wife loved the music. She said it reminded of Kylie Minogue or something like that. WHOEVER Minogue is xD

YES I find them very very good too! I just only reacted at the wording of it and to me well xD I am just nitpicky thats all, I cannot be convinced that someone is trying to sell me a red ball and claim its dark blue for example.. SO just based on that I wouldnt buy that ball. This is just a rough example but you get the picture sort of? 
VERY VERY NICE tileset I am just very new to the platform and I havent seen free used in this use before that is all .. 
I had to follow this person who had made them too. VERY fantastic work.

How do I add this to wishlist?

Well not sneaky like sneak up on you thing but FREE to me means free xD Thats sneaky. I am just a new user to itch io I would just explain it that it would be Free for private use instead to clarify that is all. Was not having a go at you but I do understand the need to sell to make money but please clarify license that is all.

Hi ehm its not really a free version this as I cannot use it in commercial games .. Just confirming this thats all.
I just found a sneaky text file in the folder saying that I can only use this for independent projects.. JUST making sure so I dont use it in any commercial thing by accident.