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Looks great! Also, I can't wait to put the song into LBBB (as a free DLC after release) (- yes, it is coming out soooooooon finally!) and to finally try your other games as well

Glad you like it, man! We don't have an estimate yet, but some time next year. Hopefully, sooner than later. Thanks for the wishlist! :)

Hey man! Thanks a lot! Some current plan is to open the Steam Page in may, and release Act 1 in Sep / Oct, we'll see. The story is progressing pretty well, we hope you'll like it. We are also planning to do the voiceovers, not sure yet if for everything or the main conversations only. There will be a full settings screen in the full game. We also aim for different platforms like Switch and mobile, but PC is the first priority.

Thanks for sharing! Yes, subtitles are definitely coming. I personally can’t play a game without them so it’s a must :) We are currently in a “deep phase” where everything we do is not so visual, but new updates are coming!

I’m moving it to a lower tier of rendering so it will work on almost any device ;) Glad you like it so far!

yeah, thinking about it. The problem is getting the volumetrics, and I’m not sure if there is the VFX graph? Other than that, I could easily switch 

Not at the moment. I'll see if I can make it soon-ish

Any time ;)

You are very welcome! Looking forward to it! Now, back to the laboratory! 8)

Honestly, I have no idea how to determine that. I'm a solo dev and not much of a programmer. I'll try to ask around. 

The game is currently developed in Unity's HDRP, which requires Direct X11 or 12. I guess you'll need some newer rig (not necessarily high end, more like to support the modern shaders and renderers). There are some cases where people couldn't run the game or had low fps, and those people did run Witcher 3. I'm thinking about lowering the renderer to be more compatible with older computers, maybe even mobiles. But, as that would sacrifice the looks and would be a lot of work, I need to think it out.

Hope this was helpful.

Hehe! Yes, that's kind of the intention. I just hope to pull it off. The game won't be 20 hours long (probably), but (hopefully) rewarding for playing it several times. There will be entirely different play styles, approaches, reactions, and experiences, although the core story arc will always be similar. 

My estimation for the length... really depends on your reading speed (hehe) and how deep you will engage. Act One's main story will be like 5-10 times this Prologue, only with more side interactions. The Prologue will be richer as well. For example, there should be some kind of news feed on the computer, more exploring around the office, etc. All not necessary for the playthrough, but more to meet the world and the characters.

Act 1 will be available on all applicable platforms, eventually maybe even mobile. Still, at this point, there is only Patreon and itchio. I'll rework some of the Patreon tiers to give more exciting rewards like adding your character to the game and so on.

I'll try to improve the performance, nonetheless :D There are really just a few reasons I keep it in HDRP, and I think I can work around that. Maybe even have it on mobile and HTML. Not gonna go just too much ahead of myself - I'm still just one guy doing almost all the work. We'll see.
The first episode (if nothing too unexpected happens) is set to be done sometime in early 2021 - say January/February. I hope. But, I think I can manage to make the whole game by the end of 2021. Funding will definitely make my life much less miserable, although I'll try to push it through whatsoever.

[SPOILER] One of the endings will be with Cooper up there. Not sure if you'll want it, tho ;)

hey mate! Thanks for the comment! Really glad you like it so far, and I’m sad you have performance issues :( I’ll try to add low graphics mode in the next release and thinking about moving to a lower tier graphics, but that might be a lot of work.

I think I’ll update the demo as I develop it, so there will be more stuff in time. I might publish the whole first episode for free but that depends on some factors that I’ll figure out during the development.

Rain.. it’s not actually rain, but condensed smog and dripping from higher levels. But there will be lots of interior scenes. Actually there will not be many exterior ones as there is not much open space in the world. Only the rich have that luxury.

Cooper has some kind of tumor, but more about it in the next scene, don’t wanna spoil it too much. In this world, everything is curable, however, doctors are expensive ;)