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i got golden freddie and idk how lmao

Thanks m8

How to get the money? I can survive a little bit but i dont know how to get the money. 

So as i understand you have to doge only? I like the idea but i think for some people it would be really hard to play when the ghosts start at max speed from the begining.

Doesn't start on my phone.

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Really good concept. It works only for slow movement but i see its future.

Freaking amazing! 

Looking forward for more content. 

I won. The key is to bid high.

There we gooooooooo

Oooh, they are gonna bury whats left of ya in a soupcan.

just kidding

Thank you

I havent played it long enough but i like the idea. Can someone pls tell me how to see my stats? 

Really good but it coild be really better with them having some boobs. Why would they even have bras then?

That's what I meant. 

Thanks for the answer.

I love this game. Every update here is I immediately download it. But I have a question, will you ever do a voice effects? I mean like. Moaning and maybe even dialogs?

I made it in 10 minutes. But I like it and gonna play it again.


Thank you. 

I can run it online but when I download it and I click it it says that I have to enable Javascript which is enabled. 

How can I play it on android? I have Huawei p20 lite. 

Man, that multiplayer is really interesting. From best game you made the ultimate game.

I am not saying you are stealing I am just happy that I see it again. Anyway good job. 

I like how you copied images from advanced wars.